Finding Resolution

I. Agreeing to Disagree
II. Repeated Assumptions
III. A Collective Prayer
IV. Growing Empathy

for Brass Trio
Trumpet, Horn, Trombone

dur. ca. 11min

Finding Resolution is an exploration of different brass instruments interacting with each other. In this case, it is a dispute between of three individuals trying to resolve a problem. The first movement “Agreeing to Disagree” has each instrument independently fighting against each other. This is shown through rhythmic dissonance and in a lot of misaligned counterpoint. Eventually the feud stops, but nothing has been resolved. The second movement “Repeated Assumptions” reflects how certain individuals view another. The piece has a duet collectively accompanying a solo voice. The solo voice drastically differs from the duet. The two components never really align, and each voice never really understands one another. The third movement “A Collective Prayer” represent the common traits of each voice and the pursuit in trying to find resolution.  The final movement “Growing Empathy” is progress in seeing points of view. Even though resolution never was found, change has occurred in the very end.