Brandon Dicks

Recently Completed Works

Trick-Track Double Up

for Trumpet Duet in C or Bb


Trick-Track Double Up is the name of rollercoaster element on a ride in Louisville, Kentucky called, “Storm Chaser.” It was constructed by Rocky Mountain Construction, a rollercoaster manufacture that is known for creating bizarre and unorthodox elements on their rides. Out of all the rollercoaster elements, a trick-track double up is the silliest of these elements to be produced. I thought it was necessary as a rollercoaster enthusiast to write a piece of a such an elegant name. To show this wackiness, Trick-Track Double Up features a lot of unexpected bumps and interjections following the unnatural twists of this element.


Finding Resolution

Brass Trio:
Trumpet, Horn, Trombone

Release Coming Soon

Coming Home

for Trumpet and Piano


New Work Commissioned by Phil Snedecor
Part of “The Music of New England: Then and Now”

Coming Home reflects on a returning journey to a familiar location. Driving by, you can see that same park by your old neighborhood, that restaurant you always went to with your friends, and certain locations that hold fond memories. The culmination of these locations revitalizes your perception of a place you used to call home. That’s why it startles you when you return and witness the new buildings that have emerged, and seeing old buildings torn down. Everything is altered enough to where it feels like a different area. While this may be upsetting for a time, this stirs up the past and highlights all that you’ve experienced during your time here. Regardless of change, your memories will stay intact.


Fanfare Transformations

I. Peri Sketches
II. Common Man’s Pursuit
III. Sokol Alterations

for Solo Unaccompanied Trumpet


Fanfare Transformations takes notable brass fanfares and transforms them into new solo works for trumpet. The collection is ever growing with movements that have been completed since 2015. The collection will grow more extensive as time goes on.


Works in Progress

Slow-mo Suite

for various soloists and Chamber Ensemble

The Traveler's Loop

for Felix Padilla


for the Columbus State University Trumpet Ensemble


for Trumpet Octet


Chamber Ensemble Works


Brass Groups

Trumpet Ensemble

Finding Resolution (2019)

Release Coming Soon
Brass Trio:
Trumpet, Horn, Trombone

Tango! (2014)

Available for Purchase
for 2 Trumpets, Horn, Euphonium, Bass Trombone, and Tuba

Clockwork (2019)

Release Coming Soon
for 6 C Trumpets and 2 Flugelhorns

Subduction (2017)

for 4 C Trumpets, 4 Bb Trumpets, and 2 Flugelhorns

Vision over the Horizon (2016)

Available for Purchase
for 8 Bb or C Trumpets and 2 Flugelhorns

Breathe (2013)

for 6 Bb Trumpets and 2 Flugelhorns


Mixed Ensembles

Hypnotic Ink (2016)

for Solo Oboe, Clarinet, Flute, Percussion, and Cello

Light in a Crystallized Forest (2014)

for Clarinet, Contrabassoon, 4 Percussion, 2 Pianos, and Cello

Percussion Ensemble

City of Fog (2017)

for Percussion Quartet


Works for Large Ensembles


Wind Ensemble

Echoing Flares (2015)

Release Coming Soon
inspired by the video:
Nasa | SDO: Year 5

Aerial Escape (2017)

Release Coming Soon
composed for
Harris County High School Concert Band

A Toddler in an Amusement Park (2011)

Release Coming Soon
composed as a high school junior

Full Orchestra

Thunders of Calbuco (2015)

inspired by the 2015 eruption of Mount Calbuco

Tales of a Resting Garden (2013)

dedicated to Giselle Ortiz


Brass Ensemble

Humanity Vs. Time and Space (2014)

winner of the Columbus Symphony Fanfare Competition


Wonderful Day (2016)

written for the First Baptist Adult Choir in Columbus, Georgia


Solos and Duets


Accompanied Solos 

Coming Home (2019)

Available for Purchase
for Solo Trumpet w/Piano

The Rainbow Tree (2017)

for Solo Bass Trombone w/Piano


Trick-Track Double Up (2018)

Available for Purchase
for Trumpet Duet

Unaccompanied Solos

Fanfare Transformations (2017)

Availabie for Purchase
for Solo Trumpet

Blessed Assurance (2017)

for Solo Trumpet