for Six Bb Trumpets and Two Flugelhorns

dur. ca. 7min

Breathe deals with the simple ideas of breathing in both a physical aspect and a basic mental reaction.The musical messages expressed in this piece are closely related to the ideas of inhaling and exhaling.

As we inhale, we fill our lung with air until we can't sustain anymore.This creates a peak of tension that is dying to release. When the tension is held, it becomes more unstable.

When we exhale, our body quickly releases the tension and simply lets the air flow out. This creates a soothing state of mind. When put to the extreme however, our body begins to compress the air and create more tension.

This is represented physically in the piece with the single extended tone resonating for a long period of time, representing holding a breathe. Same with the idea of compression at Measure 80 with the increase of tension inward.

The piece takes these two ideas of inhale and exhale and combines them to make a concrete message of tension and release. This ideas builds with the ideas from the calm and relaxing beginning to the tense climatic point areas at m.70. It then returns to the ideas of calm and relaxing at the end of the piece.

This piece was composed for the Columbus State University Trumpet Ensemble