City of Fog


for Percussion Quartet

Take a journey to an abandoned metropolis. There is not a human or living creature in sight. The atmosphere is thick and makes your body weighted. You trudge as though you are walking underwater. The city itself is made up of large skyscrapers of fog and smoke. The only sound echoes a haunting moan that almost sighs of pain. You cannot point to where the sound is coming from, but you feel the impact of the sound more as you walk deeper. 

Eventually, this moan subsides for a light. The light shines faintly through the dark atmosphere. However, it adds definition to the fog and smoke. The structures are sharpened and the city becomes more recognizable as you go closer to the source. As you look around in a new light, you realize you've been in this city before. 

As the light brightens, memories surface of past experiences. There were times of loving joy. These moments are the most heartfelt. It almost makes you forget about the gloom of the city. However, there is that one tragic memory originating at the light source. The memory is not foggy, but vivid and overwhelming. The haunting moan returns louder and screaming of pain. Turning away from the light brings enlightenment to all the memories. Everything leads to one person.

One person who has been forgotten not because of neglect, but out of the paralyzing reminder of the present situation. For this, the city is abandoned and not many people visit. However, the city of fog exists for those who need reminders of what is truly important.  

This piece was Commissioned by Up/Down for their upcoming Album "Roots".

Check out their website here