Coming Home

for Trumpet w/piano

dur. ca. 5min

Coming Home reflects on a returning journey to a familiar location. Driving by, you can see that same park by your old neighborhood, that restaurant you always went to with your friends, and certain locations that hold fond memories. The culmination of these locations revitalizes your perception of a place you used to call home. That’s why it startles you when you return and witness the new buildings that have emerged, and seeing old buildings torn down. Everything is altered enough to where it feels like a different area. While this may be upsetting for a time, this stirs up the past and highlights all that you’ve experienced during your time here. Regardless of change, your memories will stay intact.

This piece requires all three of the standard trumpet mutes: harmon mute, cup mute, and straight mute. 

This composition was written for Phil Snedecor as part of his project "The Music of New England, Then and Now" . Check it out Here!