Echoing Flares

for Wind Ensemble

dur. ca. 9min

Echoing Flares takes inspiration from Nasa's time-lapsed video "SDO: Year 5". The video showcases how our massive sun changes over a years’ time. Instead of its enormous size, the video focuses on the solar flares that emerge out of it. These flares expand, explode, ooze, shimmer and spiral out of the sun. These expressive gestures establish the main material for the composition. Rhythmic values are stretched throughout the piece to get the sense of expansion. Explosions come from many percussive impacts that strike in unexpected places. The oozing is shown from many trombone glissandos and sliding elements throughout the work. Many different mutes in the brass, such as the harmon mute, and colorful percussion instruments, such as bowed crotales, show the shimmering through the ensemble. The woodwinds perform fast circling passages resulting in a spiraling effect. All these elements react to each other to create an overwhelming colorful image of the sun with a wind ensemble.