Fanfare Transformations

for Unaccompanied Solo Trumpet

Fanfare Transformations takes notable brass fanfares and transforms them into new solo works for trumpet. The collection is ever growing with movements that have been completed since 2015. The collection will grow more extensive as time goes on. Feel free to look at the completed movements below.

If you are interested in a customized fanfare of your choice, please email for rates.

Collection #1


I. Sokol Alterations

dur ca. 4min 15sec

Leos Janacek's ‘Sokol Fanfare’ is a large brass fanfare featuring 11 different trumpet parts, 3 of which are Bass Trumpets. The fanfare was first written for the Sokol Slet, a gymnastic event in Prague in the mid-19th century. Soon, it because the opening movement of Janacek's large-scale work, ‘Sinfonietta’. This famous fanfare features an opening motive that is constantly ringing throughout the piece. The piece develops a growing momentum with more voices adding and altering the original first statement. In "Sokol Alterations", the piece inverses the idea from its origina lsource material. While the original piece builds momentum, ‘Sokol Alterations’ diminishes creating a slowing effect. The motives are also become less strict with tempo as the piece plays out. This changes the bold quality of the Janacek's work and creates intimate emotions instead.

Sokol Website.jpg

This piece is part of the New Britain Art Museum Collaboration with Helkin F. Sosa performing trumpet

II. Common Man's Pursuit

dur. ca. 4min

   ' Common Man's Pursuit' takes inspiration from Aaron Copland's 'Fanfare for the Common Man'. The Fanfare takes Copland's inspiration of Henry's Wallace's Speech, and puts a modern interpretation of Copland's music and America. Common Man's Pursuits uses techniques of modern compositions, such as fragmented melodies, interval development and textural themes. However, it uses all the material used is fragments of "Fanfare for the Common Man". With this in mind, Common Man's Pursuit should reflect on "Fanfare for the Common Man" but should not directly imitate it.

Common Man's Website.jpg

III. Peri Sketches

dur. ca. 2min 30sec

   Peri Sketches takes inspiration from Paul Duka's 'Fanfare from La Peri'. This adaptation plays with the many motives of the fanfare in way that blossoms more as the fanfare unfolds. It takes inspiration from other great trumpet excerpts like, Mahler's 5th Symphony's beginning trumpet solo.

Peri Website.jpg

This piece was commissioned by Robert Murray