Hypnotic Ink


for Solo Oboe, Clarinet, Flute,
Percussion and Cello

Hypnotic Ink is inspired the visual aesthetics of ink shooting through water. The ink progresses from a rough clutter to smooth clearity. Hypnotic Ink uses this model of transformation both on micro and macro scales. The piece begins with a strict tone row and abrasive changes. As the piece progresses, the rules of the tone row weaken and the basic outline is showcased. This applies to the texture as well, which becomes thinner and more ambient. However, the piece hits a drastic shift after the oboe cadenza. Once the ink is fully smoothed in the water, it simply floats, gently dancing with the currents. After that, another ink is shot into the water, but this time not in slow motion. This concludes as an abbreviated final gesture of the work.

This piece was included as a finalist in the International Double Reed Society Composition Competition and was the "Audience Choice" during the competition.


This video Created by "The Slow Mo Guys" inspired the composition