Light in a Crystallized Forest


for Clarinet, Contrabassoon, four percussionist, two pianos and cello

Close your eyes and imagine your in a large cave, grasping for something to
see in the ominous darkness. As you move forward, deeper -- a faint, pure light appears and reveals that this cave is a tranquil forest of beautiful crystals. The grand walls and ceilings are reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, guiding you toward the source of the light.

Now the light's intensity has increased, growing and intensifying with all manners of colors and brilliance appearing to you. The colors and shapes grow like fractals and the entire spectacle becomes overwhelming to the senses. In awesome wonder, you notice you have passed the source of the light and its strength and beauty becomes more subdued as the light emerging through the crystals diminishes.

Eventually, utter darkness engulfs you again. However, this is not the end. Rather, the journey through this tunnel is an everlasting one, the light and its presence returns again and again to reveal the crystalline beauty along the way.

This piece was the winner of the Georgia MTNA Composition Competition and a honorable mention in the Southern Region MTNA Composition Competition