The Rainbow Tree


for Bass Trombone w/piano

dur. ca. 10min 30sec

The Rainbow Tree is based on a tree located on the river walk in Columbus, Georgia. During a regular day the tree is just like every other tree. However, there are a brief few days in autumn the tree completely changes colors. The leaves represent a kaleidoscope and the trunk is radiant with shimmering colors. After those few days, the tree looses its massive spectrum and returns to the regular shades. 

In composing The Rainbow Tree, the work does not only marvel the brilliant moment of color, but the emotions before and after those few days. It deals with the brief moment of interpersonal understanding and having to contain a new found discovery of one's self. The main theme showcased n the piano represents pressured conformity. From that theme, the trombonist finds new ways to express and finds emotional fulfillment the more he/she explores. The theme comes back time and time again to repress the personality. Finally, the trombone gives in and follows the main theme. 

This Composition was written for Felix Padilla.