Vision over the Horizon


for Eight Trumpets and Two Flugelhorns
both C and Bb parts are included)

dur. ca. 2min

"Vision over the Horizon" takes inspiration from the New Horizon's journey to Pluto and the pictures it has captured. The vessel has traveled numerous light-years to give us visuals of a mysterious dwarf planet we barely know about. The new pictures of Pluto show a new frontier up-close and personal. It shows us there is much to discover in our solar system.

The Fanfare has an antiphonal setup. There are two trumpet soloist and two trumpet choirs. The soloists should be center stage by themselves and the choirs should be on opposite sides of the each other. However, variations of the setup are allow for more antiphonal effects.

Check out the music video!

This piece is composed for the Columbus State University Trumpet Ensemble